Start Your Future With Us.

Thank you for your interest in an internship with Key Point Health Services! We are committed to assisting in developing the future of behavioral healthcare and careers in the varied fields that it addresses. We offer internships for undergraduate and graduate level students seeking credit for curriculum requirements only.

An agreement must be signed between the school and Key Point Health Services and the sponsoring school must be approved by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Graduate level internships for social work and professional counseling, require a 2-semester commitment. You can check to see if your school qualifies by searching All internships require a criminal background check and drug screen.

Key Point Health Services is proud of our continued commitment to mentoring the future workforce in behavioral healthcare.
Candidates for masters level clinical internships in one of our three outpatient mental health centers must comply with the following:

1) Internships require two semesters. Typically we begin interns in September and continue to May. Therefore, most candidates need to be enrolled in a winter mini-semester so they are covered by their school for the entire internship.
2) Schools must be accredited by and the social work/counseling/psychology program must be nationally accredited.
3). We must have access to and active engagement from the interns’ advisor.
4) Interns are selected based on a face-to-face interview.
5) Must pass a background check and drug screen. This may include fingerprinting if working with children.
6) Interns may not work remotely

Please use one of the links listed below to apply for an internship: