Even though a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder is common, it can significantly impact your ability to complete routine tasks and manage your daily responsibilities. For most people, Bipolar Disorder is commonly diagnosed around the age of 25. However, the first onset of Bipolar Disorder can appear sooner in individuals, with symptoms like extreme highs and lows dotting their everyday lives. These dramatic shifts in mood, also known as mania and depression, can impact men and women equally. Unfortunately, untreated bipolar can worsen over time. That’s why it’s essential to seek out professional treatment with Key Point Health Services to learn the necessary tools to live with Bipolar Disorder. 

Bipolar Disorder is Common

Over 10 million individuals are living in the United States with Bipolar Disorder. Though Bipolar Disorder is common, it can be a severe condition that impacts your ability to sleep, concentrate, make decisions, your relationships and can even negatively affect your physical health. For some individuals, you may experience hallucinations or delusions if you end up in a state of psychosis. 

Bipolar Disorder Can Be Managed and Treated

By working with a mental health professional to find the proper medication for you, you can manage your Bipolar Disorder and reduce the severity of persistent symptoms. Additionally, the mental health professionals at Key Point Health Services can work with you to provide you with life skills and coping mechanisms. For individuals in a state of psychosis, you need immediate medical attention to ensure your safety and well-being. 

3 Types of Bipolar Disorder Exist

Bipolar Disorder is frequently used as an all-encompassing term for three subsets of Bipolar: Bipolar I, Bipolar II, and Cyclothymic Disorder. Depending on your specific type of Bipolar Disorder, your symptoms may range in severity. Therefore, it’s essential to understand your particular type of Bipolar Disorder and appropriately receive treatment to improve your overall quality of life. 


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