According to the American Psychiatric Association, depression impacts approximately 1 in every 15 adults during any given year. For adults living with a persistent mental illness, including major depressive disorder, dark winter months can be challenging. With smaller amounts of daylight during the winter and longer nights, you may be prone to a specific type of depression related to reduced daylight hours called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

If you’re living with depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and have found it difficult to cope during the dark winter months, you should know that you’re not alone. Key Point Health Services helps many clients through our supportive mental health services. We provide outpatient services, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, and Residential Programs for adults who need supportive care during the darkest times of their lives. 

Don’t Battle With Depression On Your Own

You don’t need to battle depression on your own without any supportive, professional help. You can seek out professional mental health services at Key Point Health Services to assist you with treating and managing symptoms of depression. Individuals suffering from depression may experience frequent mood changes, appetite changes, a shift in sleeping patterns, and feelings of sadness that last for over two weeks. 

Counseling and Medication Management Can Help

If you’ve never received counseling or medication management, don’t wait until you feel too depressed to seek support. You can start counseling and obtaining medication management services at any given time. Still, it’s essential to get in touch with a counselor to seek out medication management before you’re too depressed to put forth the energy to receive assistance. With the help of an experienced and dedicated counselor to oversee your medication, you can potentially reduce symptoms related to depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder this winter.

Build a Support Network 

Building a support network can seem easier said than done. That’s why Key Point Health Services provides outpatient services and programs for adults living with mental health disorders who need additional support. This can help adults obtain a necessary support network filled with counselors, care providers, and even obtain access social events. Key Point Health Services provides adults living with mental health disorders a support network of professionals who can help treat symptoms and get you feeling like yourself again. 

Key Point Health Services Provides Mental Health Services

Key Point Health Services provides mental health services that can improve your quality of life. We’ve provided personalized care since 1982 with convenient locations throughout Baltimore, Harford, and Cecil County regions. We offer outpatient services for men and women living with mental health disorders. Our programs include Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Residential Programs for adults looking to progress their lives forward through their mental health struggles. Contact us today to inquire about our complete list of mental health services available.